Engranajes Juaristi,
Quality gears and transmission components

The company

Engranajes Juaristi, S.L. has been in the gear business since 1958. Over this period, we have endeavoured to combine experience with a constant improvements of our human and productive resources. All is done in modern facilites extending over 3500 m2 in the City of Zarautz, in such an eminently industrial centre as the Basque Country is.

Engranajes Juaristi operates first-brand modern Production Means , that are continually refurbishing in order to permit us to meet any technical requirements in a reliable maner.

Quality and Innovation are present all the time and are our priority target.

Due to our swift, serious and efficient managements , we can manufacture medium and small series or production rus, as well as single units.


Tel.: +34 943 132 280
Fax: +34 943 134 292

Engranajes Juaristi

Engranajes Juaristi, S.L.
Pol. Abendaño, c/Errotazar 1 · 20800 Zarautz (Gipuzkoa) · Spain ·

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