Engranajes JUARISTI


Leading in gears and transmission components manufacturing and advising: worm and wheel gears, rack, bevel, toothed belt pulleys, splined shafts, ...

Gear Juaristi was founded in 1958. We are equipped with a modern line of machinery and we have endeavoured to combine experience with a constant improvement of our human and productive resources.

Gear Juaristi operates first-brand modern Production Means, that are continually refurbishing in order to permit us to meet any technical requiremets in a reliable manner.

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Ana Belen Juaristi
Ana Belen Juaristi

Tel.: +34 943 132 280
Fax: +34 943 134 292

Engranajes Juaristi

Engranajes Juaristi, S.L.
Pol. Abendaño, c/Errotazar 1 · 20800 Zarautz (Gipuzkoa) · Spain
juaristi@engranajesjuaristi.com · www.engranajesjuaristi.com

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